• Monday 15 August – Tuesday 16 August 2016

    • NSPF CPO Course – Monday & Tuesday (2 day course) 9am-5pm
      Shane Ince and Mike Geddes, NSPF
      This hands-on training program will teach you how to operate and maintain an aquatic facility. This program can be used as a pathway to obtaining either the Certificate III or IV in Swimming Pool and Spa Service qualifications. Completing this program will give you the ability to use the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) route to becoming qualified. Additionally, successful completion of this program will qualify you for the NSPF Certified Pool/Spa Operator Certification for commercial pool operators.
      The blended program covers topics such as disinfection, filters, filtration, recreational water illnesses, water balance, pool and spa water problems, and more.
    • NSPF Instructor Course – Monday 9am-5pm, Tuesday 9am-5pm, Wednesday morning 9am-1pm (2 and 1/2 day course). Click here for more information on this course.
    • Registrations will be accepted until the class fills or until Friday, July 8, 2016.


    Wednesday 17 August 2016

    9:15am-10:00am Basic Water Chemistry – Learn how to convert your knowledge into a trusted sale – John Charles, National Key Account Manager, Focus Products
    Water chemistry knowledge is a vital tool in the professional retail industry. Whilst it is highly beneficial to be armed with key technical information, the skill of communicating your knowledge to the consumer is often overlooked. In this session we will cover basic water chemistry and equally as important, how to convert your knowledge into a trusted sale with key conversation and questioning techniques.
    10:15am-11:00am Hotel/Waterpark:  Floating Your Hotel with A Waterpark! – Gary Pogharian, Maintenance Director, Yas Waterworld
    Focus on a discussion around the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of partnerships between hotels and theme parks.   Interactive, with heavy participation from the audience.
    11:15am-12:00pm Energy, Swimming Pools & the Future – Tom Boadle, General Manager, Sunbather
    The world is on the cusp of an energy revolution and our industry needs proactive leadership to better adopt and develop more energy efficient swimming pools. Listen to Tom discuss the current energy consumptions of a swimming pool and how we can take simple leaps forward to reducing energy footprints.
    12:15pm-1:00pm SAFER Swimming In and Around Home Pools – Siria Thomas, Aussie Aquatics
    This presentation will cover the latest relevant stats, whilst focusing on how the SAFER Swimming ‘layers of protection’ message can be applied to the home. To make it even more relevant Siria will hone in on the vital role they can play; eg, what with the fence/gate/Resus signs etc.
    1:15pm-2:00pm The use of reinforced concrete in swimming pool construction – Cal Stanley
    Cal will present a comprehensive session covering: Brief history of concrete and it’s early use in swimming pools; first use of steel reinforcement in concrete; properties of concrete and reinforcing steel; understanding what your engineer prescribes for your pools; putting the concrete and steel together in a pool; pneumatically applied concrete; curing concrete and pipes embedded in concrete.
    2:15pm-3:00pm Growing your Business: Signing on New Customers and Keeping Them – Alex Antoniou, Chief Marketing and Information Officer, NSPF
    The saying is that it is harder to find new customers than it is to keep existing customers. In either case, keeping customers is what is important. An effective communication plan is what is needed. Have you considered your business’s marketing plan? Do you have an effective client relationship plan in place? What is your brand promise and do you keep it? These are all important questions that must be answered if you want your business to grow. The answers can all be spelled out in your marketing plan. This session will cover marketing ideas, such as the use of websites and social media to help achieve successful marketing campaigns.

    Being able to measure your ROI on your marketing campaigns will guide you moving forward with your plans. Once you have convinced customers to buy from you, your next step is to make sure your customers are treated appropriately so that you can instill customer loyalty. Selling more to an existing and happy customer may be the easiest sale you have.
    3:15pm-4:00pm Live by Price … Die by Price – Making it all work Profitably – Anthony M Davis, Brightwater Business Coaching
    Why is it that the Seller usually has a greater problem with price than the Purchaser? If profit is the key to sustainability in business, and price affects profit, it is essential for businesses to sell the value they bring to the transaction and therefore profit for sustainability. Price is what they pay, Value is what they get!
    At this presentation you will:
    • Determine what business you are REALLY in and then identify the REAL benefits of your products to your customers;
    • Learn why the Quality, Service, Price proposition is so important to your business;
    • Develop a process to build a sustainable business that is based on quality, relationships and accurate costings!
    In this session, you will discover changes you can apply to build a sustainable business that stands apart from your competitors!

    4:15pm-5:00pm Understanding the Water Treatment Needs of Swim Sch