SPASA Training

SPASA Certification & Accreditation is a continuing professional development (CPD) education and training program available only to individuals, employees and business members of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia (SPASA).

The program provides recognition for members within the SPASA network for their professional skills and commitment to ongoing learning and development.

Individuals and employees who are members of SPASA will automatically qualify as SPASA Certified when they achieve and retain 12 SPASA CPD points annually.

SPASA will be hosting a series of training courses at SPLASH! which can be used to acquire CPD points towards SPASA Certification status.

Becoming SPASA Certified or SPASA Accredited gives you and your business an instantly recognisable badge of professionalism, demonstrating that you have the required education, technical competence, experience and a commitment to your own professional development.

The two day training program will cover the following sessions:

  • Brightwater – Taking the Mystery out of Marketing
  • Sector Groups
  • Brightwater – Succession Planning
  • Legal Stream – Understanding contracts and obligations / Avoiding and managing disputes
  • Brightwater – Cashflow – the lifeblood of the business
  • How to use your work skills to get a nationally recognised qualification
  • Legal Stream – how do I get paid?
  • Marketing in the Pool Industry
  • Building Stream – Sales and Marketing Strategies for the pool building industry
  • Building Stream – DOUBLE the strike rate – The radical new approach to proposals. Why the conventional way of doing Quotes is a ‘sales killer’
  • Benchmarking – know industry standards and applying them
  • Women in Leadership – promoting women in our industry
  • Construction Law
  • Introduction to Human Resources / HR strategies and compliance in our industry
  • Building Stream – 26 ‘Rapid Fire’ Sales and Marketing tips – New proven ways to grow your brand, lift your profit margins, and skyrocket your referral rate.
  • ‘The Right Staff’ – employment for your business/ HR and Performance Management – getting the best out of your staff